music monday: Johnny Cash - "Cup Of Coffee"

This week will be a caffeine-injected week. I have a lot of work and non-work things to do, and I'm totally fine with being a drug addict for the week. Don't judge me; just pour a cup of joe and stick around. More music monday posts here.


  1. Love this post - I am a new coffee drinker(new and an old Johnny Cash fan. Great way to start my week! Thanks

  2. Boy you read my mind! I didn't sleep a wink last night yet didn't want to call in sick this morning. So looks like it's me and caffeine!!

    Happy Monday!


  3. awesome! I can't handle coffee, but I sometimes drink five cups of tea a day... mostly when I am bored or cold! Cheapest way to warm up :)

    Love me some Cash. Hadn't heard this before but I love recordings of him singing live.


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