put a lid on it.

Here are the hats currently available in the shop!

Vintage URBAN COWGIRL Woven Straw Sun Hat with Soft Pale Pink Ribbon

Vintage NANTUCKET Woven Straw Sun Hat with Mesh Ribbon

Vintage MARTHA'S VINEYARD Straw Sun Hat with Striped Ribbon

SALE - Vintage CARAMEL CANDY Taupe Wool Bucket Hat

Vintage NEVERLAND Taupe Wool Bucket Hat

SALE - Vintage WINTER WONDERLAND White Wool Flat Top Boater Hat

Vintage KEW GARDENS Pretty Black Straw Sun Hat with Grey Ribbon

Vintage IN THE GARDEN Straw Sun Hat with Ribbon and Flowers

Vintage IT GIRL Classic 1970s Camel Beret

Vintage SPRING EVENING Faux Fur Cloche Hat

SALE - Vintage NATASHA Faux Fur Cloche Hat

SALE - Vintage DEVILLE Black and White Pillbox Hat


  1. i spy a hat im going to use in a treasury today. such a lovely collection you have, darling.


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