music monday: The Mamas & the Papas - "Monday, Monday"

Happy Monday, folks! When I was at my last job, I used to hate when people said that, but now that I'm not, I love it! Sorry if it bothers you, though. Anyway, I had a very busy weekend away from the computer. It was pretty nice, but I feel so unproductive! Oh well; I'll just have to work extra hard this week. ed. note: I started this post earlier in the day. Now, at 9 PM, I can say that I had an unproductive Monday, too. Now I'll just have to work extra hard this Tuesday-Friday.

Friday night, I went to a BBQ at one of Frank's friend's house. I suppose those folks are my friends too, huh? Regardless, I had two perfect gin and tonics with a slice of lime floating at the top, and it was warm and breezy all night. PERFECT. I need more of that. Good thing today is the first full day of spring. Oh wait--IT'S RAINING. Who am I kidding? Soon enough it's going to be 100° and I will be complaining like mad. Oh, Monday..