help! carnival party inspiration.

Carnival Inspiration

Carnival Inspiration

My very best friend in the whole wide world, Kim, is turning 25 this month. She's throwing a really big party with a carnival(/circus) theme, and it's looking to be lots of fun. I'm dressing up as a fortune teller! Everyone is really getting into it, even the guys (which makes it even more fun)! Kim and I have a bunch of really great ideas for decor, music, food, and whatnot--I'm talking about a hot dog cart, soft baked pretzels, cotton candy and popcorn, maybe even snow cones, and as I mentioned, I bought these for her! We can definitely use your help, though. Leave any and all creative suggestions in the comments, and we will pay you back in internet high-fives. :)

Carnival Inspiration

Carnival Inspiration


  1. in florida, some friends of mine went to a carnival and all got airbrushed hats with their names/nicknames on them. i was so jealous of them because they went before i moved down. having something like that which would memorialize the night would totally make everyone else jealous of your super rad party. and airbrushing is totally carnival style. sounds fun!!


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