what's in her bag: second edition.

Have you ever read a "what's in my bag?" blog post in which bloggers photograph and list the contents of their purse? As some of you thrifters may know, when shopping for vintage, sometimes items from the last owner get left behind. I call this "what's in her bag?"

This purse was a big hit in the shop. It was the only item in my shop (that I know of), to get a heart with it's first view! It's sold now, but I have these photos of what was found in it--a pill marked "I-2," which is plain ol' Ibuprofen. The purse was in excellent condition, but you could tell it had be worn and loved. I imagine that the woman who owned it originally was a businesswoman in New York City. She commuted every day and worked hard for her money. Judging from the alligator embellishment on the purse, I think that occasionally she'd go out with her coworkers after 5 PM to let off steam. I'm not sure whether the Ibuprofen was for a headache after a long day at the office or a long night at the pub, though. What do you think she was like?

what's in her bag? second edition.

what's in her bag? second edition.

what's in her bag? second edition.

what's in her bag? second edition.


  1. Perhaps, she was just a plain old country girl who wanted a bit of city glamor so she bought that purse. The ibuprofen was probably for a headache that she got from waking so early and then staying up late the nights that she did go into town.

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