today's project.

I'm not sure how I was originally linked to this post, but today as I was sorting through my millions of Firefox bookmarks I rediscovered "How to Manage Your Blog Advertising" from M O O R E A S E A L.

I've got an empty Moleskine just like the one she used in the post, so it's perfect. I'll be putting one of these together today. Maybe I'll post pictures later/tomorrow. Maybe.

Image via.


  1. since the new year, i've been keeping track of ALL of my spending, be it on items for the shop, biz cards and advertising and it has helped me to see how much i actually make out of my shop. it has helped IMMENSELY!! good luck!

  2. I really need to keep better track and be more organised with this sort of thing too. Thanks for sharing, might just be the thing I need!


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