me and my glasses.

Maybe I was a weird kid, but when I was in elementary school, all I wanted was a set of braces and a pair of eyeglasses. I had a decent set of baby teeth and fine vision, but for some reason I wished that I didn't. Looking back, I bet that I thought it was cool to have glasses and/or braces because someone in "The Babysitters Club" did or something like that.

Cut to a few years later. Lo and behold--I needed glasses! Boy, oh boy, did I look cool... Then I went through a terribly awkward four years with both glasses and braces (I got braces the day after 8th grade ended and got them taken off right before prom). Let's not talk about it.

A few years later, I started wearing contacts, but that got to be really expensive really quickly. I was on the hunt for a pair of cheap eyeglasses. I found a pair within my budget and now i simply adore my glasses! I think they really frame my face, and sometimes I think I look really odd without them. The only problem with wearing glasses, in my opinion, is that I can't wear any of my awesome sunglasses. That is, unless I get myself some prescription shades! Hmm.. Maybe they can be an 8-month-early birthday present to me from me?

I think it has something to do with the fact that you can affordable eyeglasses online, but have you noticed how a lot of kids these days, especially so-called "hipsters," love to wear non-prescription glasses? They wear glasses just for fun. Maybe I wasn't such a weird kid! Maybe I was onto something back in 1991! ;)

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