wardrobe staples.

I can't say for sure what has prompted it, but over the last few years I've developed this craving for simplicity. It might have something to do with the day I moved back home after college. I had a full room of things in my house and a full car of things from the previous four years. Since then, I've been taking small steps every day to live a more simple life.
One of the ways I've been able to live more simply is by downsizing my wardrobe. In high school, I pretty much lived in a uniform of band (or other quirky) t-shirts and jeans. In college, I realized how unflattering that look became, and also discovered Forever 21. My closet was packed in no time, as were my drawers, shoe bins, jewelry boxes, etc. Then, I moved back home and freaked out at all the stuff I'd accumulated!
Nowadays, I have three rules for creating and maintaining a simple wardrobe. Only keep clothes that fit you and you wear regularly (a few "special occasion" items are allowed). If items are stained or need repairs, get that taken care of today, otherwise get rid of it. Try to stick to classic wardrobe staples.
Having a selection of versatile wardrobe staples is very important, in my opinion. There are a handful of basic pieces that every woman should own:
  • solid-color v-neck (not too low cut)
  • black or brown fitted blazer
  • medium-length skirt
  • dark blue or black jeans
  • black dress pants
  • LBD
  • black heels
  • black flats
  • pea coat
  • roomy purse

With these ten items and some carefully-selected complementary items (like blouses, tights, jewelry, and other accessories), you have all you need! Almost all these items can be worn year-round. If I had to pick two items on my list that are most important, they would be a solid pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of black flats. That right there pretty much describes my bottom half nine times out of ten. When matched up with the right blouse and accessories, skinnies and flats can be worn to (most) jobs, bars, while shopping or running errands, hanging out with/chasing after little ones, at parties, or just around the house. You can see in my most recent outfit post that I'm all about the black flats. I think the real reason I love them is that if I'm wearing heels somewhere, I can throw the flats in my bag in case I need to change for any reason!
So, tell me--do you have a simple wardrobe? Would you like to downsize like I did? Are there any wardrobe staples that I forgot in my list? Let me know in the comments.


  1. This is such a wonderful post. You don't really have to have too much in your wardrobe to be fashionable. As what some people would say, less is more. I think that it's great that you have worked on living a much simpler life. Just have the basics, throw in some accessories to spice it up, and there you have it, a really nice outfit! :-)



  2. Exactly! :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Ida.


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