Greetings from sunny Redington Beach, Florida! As you may know, I'm on vacation with my sister and my uncle at his second home down here. I always feel so braggy saying that, but believe me--I am very grateful and don't mean to sound snooty, just in case I do! While getting my shop and blog prepped for my eight days away, I realized that I have a ton of photos which I haven't yet shared on the blog! So many things from my last Florida trip in October, all the way through to New Year's Eve and everything in between. I'm only going to get to share some photos over the next few days, but the rest will be coming soon thereafter. Also, please don't mind the upcoming photo-heavy posts. I am on vacation, after all. ;)

One last thing! Since I'll be away until the 18th, and shipping will be delayed until the 19th, I'm offering free worldwide shipping on all items in my shop as a thank you! Use code "DELAYEDSHIP" to activate the discount!


  1. Beautiful!! Have a blast :) And don't feel braggy -- you're just having a ball, and that rocks :)


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