tonic tuesday 7/31 • polaroid.

If you don't already know, I have a bit of an affinity for analog photography. This week's Tonic Tuesday is all about Polaroid. Though Polaroid itself no longer makes film, cameras are really easy to find in Goodwill (or on Etsy) and compatible film is being made by the Impossible Project.

tt polaroids
from left to right:
Vintage Camera Pronto Polaroid Land Automatic Instant Camera with Case and Manual
Unused SX 70 Polaroid Land Film Time Zero Supercolor
Red Polaroid Earrings - Made To Order
Vintage Polaroid OneStep Camera
Polaroid Black & White Film (Land Pack Film Type 107)

And, on the topic of instant photography, The Plaid Barn is giving away a Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 7S Camera and Film Kit here!


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