"ruined" polaroids.

Summer 03

I shot with my first pack of expired film a few weeks ago. I realized that the top of the photo was getting cut off, so instead of throwing away the film I tried shooting only on the bottom half of the frame. I love what the chemicals decided to do. My personal favorite is the shot where my head is cut off. So so cool. BIG thanks to The Impossible Project for replacing my old film for me! What great customer service!

Summer 01
Summer 02
Summer 04
Summer 05
Summer 06
Summer 07
Summer 08


  1. I love how all of those turned out! The very top one is really beautiful!!

  2. What a rad idea. I love the one of everyone on a bench with their drinks in hand. It's rad as it's given some Polaroids that would have been kinda boring, an awesome twist.

  3. These look awesome! The first one is defniitely my fave too. :)


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