music monday: Beyoncé - "Countdown"

Usually for music monday posts, I like to feature "vintage" (meaning older than 20 years) songs, but today I have to share this ditty by Beyoncé. The song itself is about a year old, but the video is just too good not to share. I love the vintage feel of the video, especially her hair and costume choices. So sixties with a bit of "Flashdance". Love her!


  1. oh man, i ADORE this song. something about the horn line gets me every time - pretty much all songs with horn lines are good in my book.

  2. Damn I LOVE this song!! Just had a pretty awesome dance party for 1 in my living room and you've reminded me I wanted to download a bunch of her stuff to run to!!

  3. Man she is so damn talented. Thanks for sharing!


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