independence week instant photography.

Why did I wait so long to share these? Fourth of July was on a Wednesday this year, which (for me and my friends) meant two party weekends and a day off/BBQ on Wednesday. Many beers were consumed and many "USA"s were chanted. Wish the Fourth of July happened every week. Photos taken with a Polaroid Impulse and Impossible Project film.

1 • the girls (me and elena) • 2 • the boys (neil and frank) • 3 • me, standing in front of a sign • 4 • fireworks • 5 • less impressive shot of fireworks another night • 6 • simone and jack • 7 • me and patrice (all i wanted to do that day was to eat a hot dog in the pool) • 8 • frank (in his sweet deconstructed mickey t-shirt) and jan

Fourth 2
Fourth 5
Fourth 3
Fourth 4
Fourth 8
Fourth 6Fourth 7
Fourth 1