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20 Dollar Bill

I won't be spending too much extra money during these next few months. Minimal living goes hand in hand with minimal spending, which is a glorious thing in and of itself. (Hi, student loans! I'm looking at you!) This doesn't mean that I going to stop spending money, though. I'll still get dinner with Frank and drinks with friends every so often, and I'll still buy things that I deem necessary. What I won't be buying are shelves, storage bins or racks, hangers, books and magazines on simple living, etc. I won't be buying things to aid in having other things. Silly.

While scanning Pinterest, which is pretty much my go-to for minimalism inspiration, I can't help but notice how many storage solutions and organizing tips involve spending more money. In addition to the items I listed above, Pinterest is full of other decorating ideas that would require me to spend more money and buy more things. Here, organize your q-tips in these industrial vintage jars that you have to find on Etsy. Or here, hang up one jacket and one leather tote on this spray-painted antler hook that you also need to securely mount on the wall! I'm not saying these ideas are stupid or wrong or not beautiful; I'm just saying that's not what I want.

I'm going to try to make use of as much of what I already have. A few weeks ago, I picked up an old milk crate that someone in my neighborhood was throwing away. I think I'll give it a good soak and use it to store a few throw blankets I keep under my bed. See what I mean? I'm trying to get rid, not acquire new things. Granted, I did acquire a milk crate, but at least it didn't cost me anything and has a distinct use. Also, now I can get rid of the cardboard box in which the blankets are currently residing. ;)

Have you ever been on a spending freeze or chill (I guess that's what it would be called in my case)? What are some of your cheap or free organizational tips?


  1. totally agree. the minimalist interior craze as one scrambling for all manner of chic containers....I'm right with you on the spending freeze except for supporting small businesses wherever and whenever I can...I think you might be inspiring a blog post of my own...

  2. Simple, minimal living. It's hard but it's what I'm trying to do myself. After selling off the majority of my possessions (minus the vintage of course!) I've found I don't actually miss any of it. It's funny what you realise you can do without once you don't have it anymore. :)

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Our family has cut our spending drastically over the past couple of years - no dinners out, no cable, etc. - and we don't miss any of it. In fact, it's made us all that much closer.

    Simple Living Family (


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