My Brief Goodbye to 2012.

My Brief Goodbye to 2012.

I know that practically every blogger has done (or will be doing) year-in-review or top-twenty-whatever lists, and at first I didn't want to join the ranks. I feel like these kinds of posts are only interesting to those writing them, to be honest. Then I started reflecting on the past year and decided it would be nice to do at least a little something to commemorate 2012! I went into writing this post thinking, "Hmm, not much has changed since last year!" Once I started typing the following paragraph however, I realized while maybe not a lot has changed, a lot has happened for sure!

In the last year, I: coped with the death of my grandmother, celebrated New Year's Eve in the Poconos, traveled to Florida, celebrated the vintage shop's second birthday, refocused my shop goals, and did a big reshoot (which I'm very proud of and can't wait to do again), traveled to Austin for TxSC, did a bunch of outfit posts, giveaways, and posts on minimalism, saw Bruce Springsteen, went to a few weddings, worked in a clothing store, celebrated three years with Frank, started getting really into analog photography, had a visit from my darling Amy Morby, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal (still can't believe that happened!), introduced frames and new quotes in the print shop, had a summer full of mini-adventures to fairs, breweries, and more, did the Color Run, deleted my Pinterest, Tumblr, and Chictopia accounts, turned 26, went on a big road trip with Frank, survived a hurricane, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with the ones I love, held an Emmy award, and am about to start 2013 the same way I started 2012--in the Poconos.

I have so many plans and goals for 2013. I truly think it's going to be my best year yet. Before I go, I want to give a giant thank you to all my friends, readers, sponsors, and brands I work with for all your support. You mean more to me than you know! I wish you all the best in 2013. Let's make it a good one, shall we?


  1. 2012 is over, but I am still debating on whether to write a year in review post. I think this one is perfect :) I have a feeling 2013 is going to be ballin'.


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