Sponsor Spotlight • Grits and Moxie!

Introducing Jennifer of Grits and Moxie! Interested in sponsoring A Wild Tonic? Read more here.

One of my sponsors this month is Jennifer from the blog Grits and Moxie. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed "quirky gal obsessed with hot tea and happiness". Her blog is full of fun photos, recipes, DIYs, and peeks into her daily life in Athens, Georgia. She's also doing a "100 Before 40" challenge which I think is incredibly cool. You can follow along with Grits and Moxie on Facebook and Instagram too!

From Jennifer's "about me":
So...about me. Well, I'm just a simply complex tattooed lady who is finding my way in the world of books and blogging and a life in Athens, GA. My musician husband (who I love to take candid pictures of) and our rescue animals - 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 fish - are also along for the ride. You can meet them all right here...

In real life, I'm an employee (part-time baker, full-time lackey and a little of everything else) at The Grit vegetarian/vegan restaurant here in Downtown Athens. I love to promote animal rights advocacy as well as equality (feminism, pro-GLBT, etc) and positive change. I recycle and reuse. I volunteer and sign petitions. I support local businesses and my blogging/Athens/world community. I try to live consciously and happily!

I dream of being an author, an employee of the Travel Channel, a French chef, a player of the saw, a professional photographer, a Super Heroine for all animals, a librarian, and a confident person who never hurts the feelings of others. A woman can hope, right?

I also love to eat with my hands, photograph my feet, visit with friends, put rosemary in everything, search for vintage dresses and cardigans, drink pots of Earl Grey tea, camp on a whim, hunt down street/folk/outsider art in weird places, whip up some Food Fun in my tiny kitchen, document My Life In Athens, work towards my 100 Before 40 and (try to) craft on occasion.