Brooklyn Flea + Brooklyn Brewery.

Last Saturday, Frank, Joe, Christina, and I drove into Brooklyn for a day of vintage-shopping and beer-drinking. We left Somerville a little after eight in the morning, with coffee in hand, Pandora and navigation on my iPhone, and wallets ready to be emptied. Once we got to Brooklyn, we had to drive around for a while looking for a parking spot. I ended up getting a ticket because my muni meter receipt "wasn't displayed properly," allegedly. I'm going to try and fight it; wish me luck! Anyway, the Brooklyn Flea was great. I've never been to the Flea in the indoor/winter location. The building at One Hanson Place is just beautiful. As usual, the Flea vendors offered up tons of vintage and handmade goodies, and as usual it was very pricey. I don't get it! Why so expensive, guys? I mean, as a vintage seller, I know you have to mark up your pieces every now and then, depending on age and condition of the items, but it's really extreme at some booths. Kinda turned me off from shopping for most of the day. Not the whole day, though, because I ended up scoring a taxidermy alligator head, which I've been wanting for a while! Frank and I were a bit hungry so we got some tacos from a food vendor downstairs. SO good. We had split up with Joe and Christina, so we met back up with them and hit the road for the Brewery. Christina ended up getting this awesome plaid cape, too. Excellent find on her part. Once we got to the Brooklyn Brewery, we pulled into a parking spot right across the street, with no meter. After getting that ticket earlier, this was the best news. Ha! The Brewery makes you buy tokens when you first walk in (5 for $20), then you walk up to a bar and exchange the tokens for beer. Different beers cost different amounts, but for the most part they were all one chip/four dollars. We grabbed a table when we first walked in, which was really smart because almost immediately after we arrived, so did a huge crowd. It was ridiculous! So we had a few beers (some more than others, since I was driving) and talked. If we got bored of each other for a minute, we played Family Feud on my phone. Ha! We ended up leaving the Brewery around 6:00, and went back to Jersey. Such a fun day!


  1. Whata wqonderful place to have a flea market! Looks like it was fun!



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