A Wild Tonic Vintage's Greatest Hits 2012!

Today's post is inspired by this post from Anna at Olive Green Anna.

January 14 • Vintage Letterpress Drawer

February 13 • Vintage Suede Booties

March 12 • Vintage 1980s Purse

(Sold to Derek Lam!)

April 18 • Vintage Silk Dress

May 6 • Vintage Tooled Leather Coin Purse

June 22 • Vintage Pleated Maxi Skirt

(Featured on the Bleubird blog and it sold that day! I still get traffic from her, too. Woman's got herself quite a following, huh?)

July 10 • Vintage Owl Purse

August 12 • Vintage Wool Sweater with Bird

September 19 • Vintage Dress

(Swapped with Miskabelle Vintage!)

October 2 • Vintage Lace Top

November 22 • Vintage Silk Beaded Blouse

(Featured in the Etsy Finds email on Thanksgiving!)

December 1 • Vintage Tweed Wool Coat

(Sold to a lovely buyer who said this about it: "My daughter-in-law asked for 1 of 4 different coats on Etsy. I chose yours. Very nice. Since I'm 66 I remember them well, for me I liked that style in its day. I did try it on and it looks just like me way back then. Im sure she will love it. Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas." Made my day.)