PROJECT: Wardrobe • Update #1!

PROJECT: Wardrobe • Update #1!

So I know I haven't talked much about it, but PROJECT: Wardrobe is going really well so far! The photo above is a "before" of my closet. My wardrobe situation is worse than it looks, and it looks pretty bad, so what does that tell ya? An important part of PROJECT: Wardrobe is to really analyze your wardrobe. Don't toss clothes in the trash just because! Think about it! Make a concerted effort to organize! A few things about me/my room/my wardrobe:

I don't have doors on my closet. I used to, but one day I decided I needed more space in my room for Etsy work, so I moved one of my bureaus into my closet. I have another longer bureau on the other side of my room. I have a few storage bins full of clothes I don't wear anymore, but I'm too attached to let go. Similarly, I have a lot of old t-shirts that I've been meaning to make into a quilt for about 4 years (ha!). The above photo was taken when I had a bunch of dirty clothes down in the laundry room waiting to be washed. I have a purse problem. Purses are stored underneath the bureau in the closet, on the top shelf of the closet, and behind the door. I have shoes on my DIY shoe rack and in a bin underneath my bed. I have a lot of hoodies. I don't wear a lot of the clothing and accessories that I own.

The next step is to decide what stays and what goes. If it stays, where does it go? If it goes, where's it going? I'll have more info for you guys in a few days, and a full recap of PROJECT: Wardrobe at the end of the month (so you can try it too!).


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