Let's Make Habits Weeks 5 and 6!

Week 5 (September 14) - Pushing Yourself Through Rough Patches
Week 6 (September 21) - Share Some Photos from Your Experience

I somehow managed to skip a week in the Let's Make Habits challenge twice now! Though I may miss the weekly recap posts every so often, I'm still keeping up with my goal(s) very, very well!

This post is a little late today, but it's okay because I biked for 90 minutes earlier this evening! I'm so happy that I'm getting back into biking, I don't even mind that I skipped my normal blogging time. Biking daily again might be a habit to add to the list.

Jenny wisely said last week, "I think it's important to be realistic, but not give yourself a way out of doing the hard work." That resonates with something I was discussing with Frank just the other day. I need to find a better balance between working and not-working, for sure.

I've still managed to blog at least once a day every day. I might end this goal in October or I might continue it, who knows? All I know by then I will have done it for two months, which I didn't think I could do in the beginning. The spending freeze is going well, too. I have broken it a few times, but I'm not lettingt that break me. Finally, PROJECT: Wardrobe is where I'm slacking. I've started pulling items out of the closet, but haven't done anything yet. Time to get on that, Lauren!

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