Let's Make Habits Week 4!

Let's Make Habits Week 4!

Week 4 (September 7) - Evaluating Your Goal and Adjusting
I don't think I ever made this clear while posting about the "Let's Make Habits" challenge, but my goal (blogging at least once a day, every day) was originally only for the month of August. I realized though, that the challenge is scheduled to last through October. There have been some days in September, especially on the weekends or days I'm busy with the shops, when I say to myself, "You don't really have to blog today, Lauren!" Then I snap out of it. This blog is a. really fun to write, and b. part of my business. I don't have to blog every day, but I want to and I should. So I do. Still going strong with this goal; no need for adjustment. I'm a happy camper.

I also have two other goals which I'm currently working on, PROJECT: Wardrobe and the September Spending Freeze. Participating in "Let's Make Habits" is definitely helping me stay on track with both of these goals, so thanks Jenny. ;) So far I've only spent money on gasoline (and one other tiny thing, which I'll talk about in the Freeze recap post at the end of the month). The wardrobe clean-out is going really well so far too! Although my room is pretty much in shambles with vintage, clothing, and other miscellaneous stuff all over the place. Oh well! It'll all be taken care of soon.

And it goes without saying that today will be hard for many of us. September 11th is a tough day in our house because my mom lost many friends in 2001. Hold your loved ones close today, and remember those who no longer can. ♥

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