In the Shop • '90s Style!

Vintage Plaid Jumper - School Uniform Costume - Green and Blue Plaid - Size Medium
Vintage Babydoll Dress - Red Dress with Floral Print - Size Medium/Large
Vintage Black and Floral Print Dress - 1980s Baby Doll Dress
Vintage Romper - Grunge Red with Floral Print - Size Medium
Vintage Floral Dress - White Dress with Blue Floral Print - Size Small/Medium
Vintage Neon Plaid Romper - School Uniform Costume - Neon Green and Blue Plaid - Size Medium

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'm so glad '90s style is back in style. Baby doll dresses, grunge, floral prints, boots with dresses, plaid, rompers! I love it all, and I blame "Clueless" for the most part. I'm wondering if mini-backpacks are cool again too..? I think I have a few in the basement somewhere...