1000 or Bust!

Something sneaked up on me in the vintage shop, my friends. I'm just 36 sales away from 1,000! What?! When did that happen? It's true, though. A Wild Tonic Vintage has reached 964 sales. Can I believe it? No. Did I ever think A Wild Tonic would make it this far? Maybe. Am I super-stoked on this upcoming milestone? Yes!

Today I decided that my goal is to hit 1,000 sales by January 1st, 2014 (when I'm planning on closing both of my shops for a few weeks to regroup). I have about 11 days to reach my goal, and while it's a bit lofty, I don't think it's impossible.

Use code "MILESTONE" for an additional 15% off all items
which are already on MEGA-sale ($5-$10-$20-$30)!

Please share this news with your friends and loved ones. Also, if you're a vintage seller and want to buy up some of my inventory for a bulk discount, I'd be open to that! Send me a convo or email (awildtonic at gmail.com) ASAP! :)