New in the Shop!

1. Shop Closing SALE - Vintage Cream Coat - Ladies Winter Coat
2. Shop Closing SALE - Vintage Green Skirt - Vintage Skirt with Elastic Waist - Size Small/Medium
3. Shop Closing SALE - Vintage Camisole - Teal Blue Tank Top - Vintage PJs - Size Small
4. Shop Closing SALE - Vintage Nightgown - Blue House Dress with White Floral Applique - Size Small Medium Large

Just because EVERYTHING is on sale, doesn't mean I can't keep listing new vintage, right? You've probably heard this a million times by now, but I a. have a lot of vintage inventory waiting to be listed, and b. have little to no time to do it. Slowly but surely, it's all getting up in the shop, and if it's not up soon, it'll definitely be up by the time I reopen in January. :D