A Non-Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

For Mom:
Vintage Ceramic Painted Dish and Tiny Mug - Canada Souvenir - I Love You Mom

For Mom and Dad:
Vintage Ceramic Painted Dish and Tiny Mug - North Carolina Souvenir - Mom and Dad I Love You Both

For Grandma:
Vintage Grandma Figurine - Worlds Greatest Grandma

For The Tea-Drinker:
Vintage Florida Souvenir - Tea Bag Holders

For The Vegas-phile:
Set of Six Vintage Las Vegas Magnets

For The Chef:
Vintage Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set - Glassware - Bold White Typography and Bright Yellow Caps

For The Animal Lover:
Vintage Lion Collectibles - Instant Collection

For Someone Special:
Vintage Birthday Card - American Greetings Clown Card

Valentine's Day presents aren't only for your significant other, you know. Surprise someone (else) you love with a little something this February 14th! All items in the shop now, all $30 or less!