Winter Goals 2014.

Some goals for this winter:

• Give my sweet baby print shop (Wanderlust Print Co.) some more love and affection. My prints were so popular when they were still part of A Wild Tonic, but now that they're in their own shop, not so much. I'm going to spend a day or two completely revamping the listings/photos/etc. and hopefully give my second-born shop a little bump.

• Drink more water. In the wintertime, I'm like Spongebob when he's out of the ocean. "Air is not good, Patrick!" Anyone? Okayyy...

• Keep cleaning out my closet and life in general. Donate, sell, whatever. Just be gone, things!

• Finally, jump roping is my new favorite activity. I'm not too keen on exercising, but if I have to exercise, I'd prefer to do something fun like biking, swimming, or (now since it's cold out) jump roping. My mom bought be a little pink jump rope from the dollar store and I've started using it at night when I'm not too tired or busy. I also downloaded an app to keep count of how long I'm jumping (think of it as a different kind of Skip-It). I'm going to try to make it a nightly habit. Wish me luck!

What are your winter goals or New Year's resolutions?