A Wild Tonic Vintage • Shop Update 2/24/14.

Vintage Overalls - Denim Overalls

Vintage Striped Blouse - Pastel Sleeveless Shirt

Vintage Abstract Print Wrap Dress - Neon Wrap Dress

Vintage Floral Print Dress - Flower and Square Pattern Dress

Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Robe - White Polka Dot House Coat

Vintage Diane von Furstenberg Robe - Navy Blue House Coat

Vintage Christmas Sweater - Red Sweater with White and Green Holly - Ugly Christmas Sweater

Vintage Girls Christmas Sweater - Ugly Christmas Sweater2

Vintage Baby Girl Sweater - Yellow Button Up Sweater - Easter Outfit

Hey, so remember the other day when I mentioned a new work schedule for A Wild Tonic Vintage? I'm happy to say it's turning out rather well. Truthfully, I fell a little behind in the middle of the week because I had to work late at my other job, but I caught up! All of last week's new vintage was listed yesterday morning, and two items already sold (high-five)! Check it out in the shop, if you'd like. I'm a little sad the the blog was quiet this weekend, but I needed some time to work on other things and relax a little bit. I have fun stuff coming this week, though! And Monday is my new thrifting day, so wish me luck please. :)