Two of my current obsessions: Nibnaks and my bkr bottle. You might remember last month I posted about Nibnaks and how they are the perfect healthy, on-the-go snack. Well after a few more weeks of sampling them, I stand by what I said. They are so tasty and I feel so much better eating Nibnaks versus some junk-food snack. I've also been drinking water like crazy. I've never been a big water-drinker (I prefer Arnold Palmers) but I heard (on the internet, so it's gotta be true) that it takes 3 weeks to form new habits, so here's hoping that "drinking more water" sticks. There are only 21 days until spring and 114 until summer, and girlfriend is trying to look good on the beach, so you know I'll be making healthier choices like this for a while. At least until Memorial Day Weekend when I eat my weight in hot dogs. ;)

A quick reminder that Nibnaks is offering a special promo code for A Wild Tonic readers; take 20% off your first order by entering code aw2uv at checkout. Valid for two more days (until 2/28/14)!


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