Bags and Baby Clothes from Popreal!

I still have a few years left before (maybe) becoming a mother, but I can certainly appreciate some adorable kids clothes. I audibly squeal at little suits and dresses in Target like a crazy person every time I'm there. I can't help it! Buying gifts for a baby shower is always a blast, too. It seems like a whole different world.

Today I'm working with Popreal to showcase some cute bags for girls, like the flamingo backpack above (Flamingos Prints Zipper Backpack). Could you DIE? Would I look crazy wearing it? Would it even fit my body? Why do little girls get the best clothes and accessories? I have a friend who loves flamingos, and if/when she has a baby, that baby will get this bag as a gift in the hospital.

Another type of bag that's easy to find at Popreal is the statement bag. Animals, robots, airplanes and rockets (Rocket Pattern Crossbody Bag), fruits and snacks (Fruits Style Girls Crossbody Bag), and more! They have backpacks, handbags, and coin purses in all shapes and sizes. So sweet!

Popreal has more than just bags, though! Check them out for cheap baby clothes, matching outfits for parents and kids (!!!) (Mom Girl Botanical Prints Pleated Cami Matching Dress), accessories, and more.

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