Weekend Links

Happy Friday, my babes! I'll be enjoying a relaxing weekend with almost no solid plans and I'm very much looking forward to it. The last week or so has been nonstop, man. I thought life was going to slow down after the New Year, but boy, was I wrong. Hoping this weekend leaves me recharged and refreshed. What are your plans? On to the links!

"I Hired a Professional Organizer and It Changed My Life" - This is a lovely story about minimizing. It really resonated with me, since I recently decided I want to pursue a side-hustle as an organizer (see more on my Instagram post). Hit me up if you need some help!

• Loved this article about The Norwegian art of the packed lunch. A few months ago, I did a no-spend month, and I realized that most of my spending was on lunch. I've severely limited eating out for lunch since then, and it is really a game changer.

• Props to the New York Times for answering a question on everyone's mind: What Is Glitter?