Minimalism Tips • Before and After • Cleaning Out Your Glove Compartment

Minimalism Tips

How messy is your glove compartment right now? Can you even open it? Do you know what's in there? Could you find your insurance and registration if you needed it? My answers were: VERY, no, no, no. Until the other day. I minimized my glove compartment and will share a few tips with you today on how you can do it to!

11:47AM - 12:10PM
23 minutes

Empty everything out of the glove box. Take a trip down memory lane when you find items from 10 years ago.

Clean it out. Some sort of fast food packet exploded in there, so I used these dried up Windex wipes I found (plus a little water) and got that cleaned up.

Vacate: I had 7 air fresheners. I hung one up, saved one for later, and ditched the rest. I also found a bunch of ketchup, spoons, and other garbage that is now in the trash/recycling.
Donate: I no longer need my GPS or this aux cable, so I'm passing them on.
Relocate: I brought some items into my desk and kitchen at work. A few extra Splenda packets for emergencies now live in my desk, extra spoons and straws can be used by my coworkers.

Important vehicle documents are easy to reach, with plenty of room to spare. AND! I found a mix CD from college that I can't wait to listen to.

Do you have any tips for keeping your glove compartment tidy? Were these tips helpful? Let me know if the comments below.

Yours in minimalism,

Minimalism Tips