how to pack a suitcase.

Tomorrow is the big day! Frank and I will be leaving bright and early for our weekend trip (Wanderlust prints can be found here, by the way) to Virginia, and I'm almost entirely packed and ready. I have a few more articles of clothing to pack, I need to paint my nails, and we need to go grocery shopping for perishables. Other than that, I think I'm good to go! I am so excited to get away for a while, take some photos, explore the thrifting scene in VA, and spend some quality time with my man. I'm still a bit worried that this trip is going to be like "The Shining" or "Deliverance" or something, but I'm bringing a pocket knife for protection. Don't mess with me!

I made a little .gif of my packing process. I am so happy with this big, vintage, American Tourister suitcase that I picked up in Goodwill. It is so sturdy and it fits SO much. In fact, I usually use it to store listed merchandise from my Etsy shop, but I figured it could use some fresh air for a change. I hope that I can take some nice outfit photos during the trip, so my lovely readers can see how I style all these clothes while I'm away.


I'm going to set up some posts so the blog doesn't completely die while I'm away. If you really need your Lauren-fix, make sure that you follow on Twitter for fun little updates throughout the trip! Have a great weekend!


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