cabin camping checklist.

This weekend, Frank and I are going to Virginia for a little getaway. We'll be staying in a cabin on a lake, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Apparently the weather is supposed to be in the '50s(!), and I found a bunch of thrift stores in the area, so I'm extra-excited. We're hoping to find lots of kitschy places to take tourist photos in front of and wander around exploring. That's probably our number-one, mutual favorite thing to do--driving around and exploring.

Vintage Postcard, Howard Johnsons Ice Cream, Fredericksburg, Virginia from calloohcallay

I'm incredibly weird about packing for vacations (and re-packing before heading home). I am always worried that I forgot something I'll need or that I'm leaving things behind at the hotel. It's strange, I know. I counter this strangeness with preparedness. I like to pack a few days in advance and make sure I know exactly what I'm bringing, so I know I'm not forgetting anything! I think I'll start actually packing tomorrow since we don't leave until Friday. I'll probably take some photos, too, since I'm a pretty excellent packer. Here's my list so far..

• heat lamp (it might not be necessary, but it's coming along anyway)
• camera
• extra blankets and linens (just in case)
• cash for thrifting
• cell phone, laptop, and all chargers (yes, we're going on a peaceful cabin getaway, but we'll still need music and a phone in case of an emergency!)
• plenty of food and drink, specifically wine, beer, and smores supplies
• a book or two
• planner and etsy notebook (so I can get work done during the two six-hour car rides

Do you guys have any other suggestions? I've never gone to a cabin like this so I'm not really sure of what I'll need. Any feedback is appreciated!


  1. Oh your trip sounds wonderful--of course, anywhere that it's in the 50s sounds wonderful about now.

    Thanks for featuring my postcard!


  2. you def' need to bump food up the list! and the wine...

  3. To go along with your s'mores - make banana boats and oatmeal delights :D

    Banana boats = slicing open a banana sideways and stuffing in marshmallows & chocolate chips. Then you wrap in tinfoil, set in the fire/coals/stove for a bit & take it out... it's awesome.

    Oatmeal delights = cherry pie filling put in between oatmeal cookies, wrapped in tinfoil & set in the fire/stove to bake for a bit and then remove.

    I swear by these on any camping/cabinning trip.

    Also ... toilet paper. You never know.


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