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Feast your eyes on vintage decor, art, and housewares currently in the shop. Spruce up the living room or kitchen or bedroom with some unusual, kitschy, rustic, and/or earth-friendly vintage pieces. All are available in the shop now!

1. Vintage BOZO Solid Iron Painted Clown Coin Bank $35
2. Vintage HORSE AND BUGGY Souvenir of Ireland Small Vase $10
3. Vintage 1976 SEA WORLD Brown Glass Jar Mug $8
4. Vintage YOUNG BUCK White Ceramic Mug with Deer Illustration $14
5. Vintage INTO THE WOODS Sitting Deer Figurine $12
6. Vintage ROYAL FAMILY Set of Two Small Collectible Plates $16
7. Vintage INDUSTRIAL Black Bostitch Stapler Model B5 $11
8. Vintage COMPUTER Book - What Makes a Computer Work $15
9. Vintage PORTLAND Maine Souvenir Decorative Plate $10
10. Vintage SWAN Silver Napkin Holder Figurine $16
11. Vintage BRASIL Brass Pineapple Trivet $12
12. Vintage MAP OF IRELAND Ceramic Souvenir Plate with Illustrated Map $8
13. Vintage MINSTREL Ceramic Banjo Player Figurine $12
14. Vintage BIRD PRINT 001 - Brown Thrasher and Cedar Waxwing $5
15. Vintage LOVE YA Teddy Bear Candle $8
16. Vintage STAY GOLD Golden Gate Bridge Wooden Wall Art Plaque $40
17. Vintage PRETTY GIRL Coin Bank Statue of Girl Holding a Cat $16
18. Vintage BIRDS OF PARADISE Gravel Wall Art $28
19. Vintage GRACEY Irish Landscape Framed Wall Art $40