in the mail: volume 3.

Remember my post about hey!caddywhompus? Well, Julie was kind enough to send me a hoop, and I just love it. It's so vibrant and a lot bigger than I expected (obviously, I didn't pay attention to the measurements in the Etsy listings--I was too distracted by the awesomeness)! I hung it up with my Haunted Mansion embroidery (yes, I'm that big of a Disney nerd) and my new Jackalope embroidery (more on that below) for now, but they might get moved around soon. We'll see..



hey!caddywhompus   hey!caddywhompus

Okay, how cool is this jackalope embroidery? I stumbled upon Flex Family Arts a while back and loved everything I saw. I entered this giveaway over at No Mark At All, and amazingly--I won! I was so stoked. Look at how serious that jackalope is! He means business. Haha! Also, I had to note the awesome Gregory Peck stamps, too. Swoon!

Jackalope 4up


  1. Yay!! It looks so cute!! I made yours a little bigger just cause you deserve it. The hoops in the shop are all 4 inch hoops so they'd be a little bit smaller!

  2. HAHA! Were those Peck stamps on our package? I mailed it from my work PO and I never know what they will put on there! Totally awesome!


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