some things i like.

Keiko's head wrap/up-do combo is killing it here! I must try. My signature hairstyle is pretty similar to this--messy bun with long bangs--but I've never tried adding a scarf like this. It's definitely a hair-do to-do!

Via Keiko Lynn

I can't decide if I like this tea towel (by knifeinthewater on Etsy) better in navy blue or neon orange. Thoughts?

Via Creature Comforts.

Anyone want to buy this for me? For no reason? My birthday is in September, if that helps...Style Takes Shape Tote at Modcloth.


  1. Oooh, yes! I've had that tea towel marked as a fav for some time. I love it when my favs pop up on others' radars, too. Makes the giant shoppingness that is Etsy seem much smaller. As for color ... both?


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