she's aliiiive!

Hey, folks! I've been so out of the blogging/Tweeting/Etsy loop the last few days. Did you miss me? I certainly missed you all!

I spent Sunday and Monday in my boyfriend's town celebrating Memorial Day. On Sunday night, he invited friends over for some grilling and beer-drinking, which was really low-key but still really fun. On Monday, we went to a friend's house for more grilling and more beer-drinking. Typical. Frank's '90s cover band played for a bit too, until the crotchety old neighbors called the cops. It was daytime! On a holiday! What a bunch of Anti-Americans, am I right? Jeez.

Then on Tuesday morning, my sister and I went to Brooklyn for a little adventure. My grandmother owns a brownstone in Carroll Gardens, but she currently lives in Staten Island. My sister and I went to Brooklyn to start cleaning out the basement. It was crazy! My grandma is practically a hoarder. She had so much old stuff, still in the boxes and in perfect condition! I think she must have just bought these things and forgot about them. We organized everything in my grandparents' old bedroom, and prepped for an estate sale that will be happening in the near future. We also took some stuff to keep and some to sell in the shop. B) Speaking of the shop, I was planning on keeping up with the blog and the shop while I was away, but we couldn't find any wi-fi that was free/not password-protected, so that was a bust. Surprisingly, I made a bunch of sales when I was spending little to no time working on the shop, so what does that tell me? Haha!

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  2. You were missed but you're forgiven because you were having such a wonderful time. ;)

    (This time with no typos!)


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