morning update.

Good morning, loves! I am in such a wonderful mood today. For starters, I have a surprise day off from my internship, which is awesome because even though I love what I do there, I finally have time to get Etsy, blog, and general life things in order. Secondly, my dad woke me up way earlier than I planned, which normally would bother me, but today it doesn't! I have a long to-do list and I fully intend on getting all of it done. I actually have three items in my Etsy shopping cart which I'll be buying this afternoon as a reward (only if I get everything done like I think I will)! I'm going to put up two other posts today, the return of music monday and my final recap of the Texas Style Council! In the mean time, I'll be updating the Etsy shop, cleaning, and listening to records for the rest of the day! What are your plans for this lovely Monday?