march radness challenge: day one.

3/15 • donate, swap, give away, or throw away at least five items
Pick 5 articles of clothing (or pairs of shoes, purses, sunglasses, jewelry, anything) that you don't use anymore and give it to Goodwill (or your friend, little sister, anyone who will take it).

I might have gone a little overboard for the first day of the challenge. Instead of only picking 5 items to donate or swap, I filled up this entire Etsy Vintage tote! Am I allowed to give myself extra credit? ;)

Find out more about March Radness here!


  1. Thanks for the motivation..I've done a little bit of everything Recycled, threw away and gave away some stuff.

  2. Way to go, Jackie! Play along on Instagram for a chance to win a $50 gift card! :)


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