march radness: a two-week challenge and photo contest!

March Radness

Here's the deal: I had the idea for this challenge while interning yesterday. I was sitting at my desk, thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing (don't get me wrong, I like my internship a lot, but on a day as nice as yesterday the mind tends to wander). Then it hit me--in order to fully utilize my free time, I would have to challenge myself.

Every day for the next two weeks, I'm challenging myself and my friends/readers to complete one task per day. I know we are all busy people, so completing every task isn't mandatory, although highly encouraged. These next two weeks are all about pushing ourselves towards creativity, organization, and happiness, specifically in the short amount of free time we have after work, class, cooking, cleaning, being a mom and/or wife, interning, volunteering, getting stuck in traffic, etc.

In addition to all that, I'm turning it into a little contest! Follow me on Instagram (awildtonic) and for each task you accomplish, post it on Instagram (include @awildtonic and #marchradness). At the end of the two-week challenge, March 28th, I'll randomly choose one of the entrants to win a $50 gift card to A Wild Tonic Vintage! Each photo you post will get you one entry, which means you can enter up to 14 times! Sounds fun, right? I'll be posting my daily challenges here on the blog. If you don't use Instagram, post them somewhere and link them in the comments! Email me with any questions (awildtonic at gmail dot com)

clothing and minimalism
3/15 • donate, swap, give away, or throw away at least five items
Pick 5 articles of clothing (or pairs of shoes, purses, sunglasses, jewelry, anything) that you don't use anymore and give it to Goodwill (or your friend, little sister, anyone who will take it).
3/16 • bring items to the tailor
Those jeans that need hemming? That silk blouse with a tear in it? The sweater with missing buttons? If you're like me, you have a solid amount of clothing items that you never wear because they need repair. Don't put it off any longer!
3/17 • clean out your junk drawer
It might be in your kitchen, bedroom, or office, but it definitely exists. Take a few minutes and turn your junk drawer into something functional that you can be proud of.
3/18 • create something
Try a new recipe for dinner (or dessert), make a new page in your scrapbook, rework an old pair of earrings into a necklace, just do something! Create something with your own two hands. You'll be surprised with just how awesome you feel when you're done.
3/19 • write and mail a letter or postcard
In the digital age, connecting with a person can take less than a second, but think about how nice it feels to receive a handwritten note. Make someone else feel that nice by mailing them a letter. Pick out a fun stamp at the post office, too!
3/20 • treat yourself to something that makes you feel good
A massage, some ice cream, or simply a long bubble bath. Whatever makes you feel really good should be something you take time out of your hectic schedule to do today!
3/21 • find one task you've been dreading to accomplish and accomplish it already
Maybe it's your taxes, maybe it's a pile of laundry, whatever it's not that bad! Just get it done today so it won't be looming over your head any more.
3/22 • be friendly to a stranger
I might just have "that face," but strangers are always talking to me. Sometimes it's in the ladies room at a bar, sometimes we commiserate over a long line at a store, and sometimes it's on the subway, but it happens frequently. It's definitely rad to make a connection with another human, even if it's just for a few short moments. Try it!
the great outdoors
3/23 • plant some seeds
Spring is almost here, friends! Get yourself in the springtime mood by planting some seeds today. I think I'll steer clear of edible plants and lean more towards some pretty flowers. I have a bit of a black thumb, and I wouldn't trust myself to grow something that I'll later be eating! ;)
3/24 • spend at least ten minutes in the sunshine
This applies particularly to those of us who spend most of the daytime in an office or other building. If the only time you see the sun is on your way to work and back, change that today. Go outside for lunch and make friends with a squirrel. The vitamin D will make you feel rad!
general radness
3/25 • try something new where you always have the same thing
I have this tendency of always ordering the same drink (Jameson and ginger ale) and the same foods (depending on the restaurant), but today I will break out of my boring dietary comfort zone and try something new. I might not like it, but I may LOVE it. Experimenting is exciting!
3/26 • sing a song that makes you happy
Any song, any genre, just sing it. Out loud. From start to finish.
3/27 • call/email/text/facebook an old friend who you miss
This goes along with the task of 3/19. Think of someone you miss and reach out to them. Maybe even two people. You won't regret it!
3/28 • find beauty in the ordinary
The final task is very much open-to-interpretation. That's all I'll say about that!




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