texas style council: what i learned.

By now, you've seen all of my photos and daily recaps of the Texas Style Council (which was three weeks ago at this point, crazy!), but I haven't posted about what I learned while I was there. I learned not to order so many appetizers because then I don't eat my entree, that drunk karaoke is fun, and to always bring flats when wearing a pair of ridiculous Jeffrey Campbell's. Seriously, though..here are some of my favorite snippets of the panelists' advice.

Texas Style Council Symposium

Kendi: You see everybody's 'best' and think it's their 'always'
Your blog is nothing without you
Live a great life, not big

Texas Style Council Symposium

Camille: Move from curating to creating

Tolly: Do more writing

Matt: Create compelling content

Texas Style Council Symposium

Ann: Make sure your blog is focused

Cheryl: If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't

Caroline: Take criticism and learn from everybody

Texas Style Council Symposium

Elizabeth: Analyze criticism for validity

Molly: Trademark unique things

Texas Style Council Symposium

Veronika: Get inspiration from other places

Julie: You're not going to find inspiration if you're not out living your life

Texas Style Council Symposium

Tara: Only you stand between your dream and your reality