How to Wear Vintage • Cool.

How to Wear Vintage • Cool.

It's been pretty grainy (my word for grey and rainy) here lately. The sky is bright, but not sunny. It's muggy, not warm. There are mosquitoes everywhere. Not really my kind of summer. When I titled this week's HTWV post, "cool" refers to the colors, not the temperature. That's for sure. Today's outfit is a great example of what it's like to look out the window. Cool colors, nothing too bright. This blouse though? So fun and so retro.

SALE - Vintage Button Down Blouse with Unusual Animal Pattern - Size Medium/Large 16
SALE - Denim Levi's Cutoffs - Grey Jean Cut Offs - Too SuperLow 524 Jeans - Size 9
SALE - Vintage Screw-On Earrings - Silver Tone Dangle Earrings with Swirl Design
SALE - Vintage Brown Leather Loafers - Dark Brown Leather Bass Shoes - Size 8

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