How to Wear Vintage • Happy Fourth of July!

How to Wear Vintage • Happy Fourth of July!

Guys! Happy Fourth of July! Sorry for the radio silence here this week. I've been working on a major yard work project for my parents. When I'm not outside sweating and coating my skin in bug spray, I'm too tired to blog. Good news is my sister and I finished the work this morning, so I'll be back to blogging like normal. So today is Independence Day. I'm lucky enough to have four awesome events to go to for the next four days, which is great but so stressful. I have to prep outfits, food, drinks, presents, etc. You know the drill. Last night, I set up my clothes for the weekend, like a little kid the Sunday before a school week. Now Erica and I are going to buy party supplies, then she's giving me an at-home gel manicure (we'll see how that goes), and finally I'm off to a BBQ. USA USA USA! Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend. ♥

SALE - Vintage 1950s Blouse - Off-White Blouse with Cut-Out Floral Design - Size Small/Medium
SALE - Vintage High-Waisted Bright Red Shorts - Size Small - GAP
SALE - Vintage 4th of July Novelty Baseball Cap
SALE - Vintage Boat Shoes - Denim Blue and Brown Boat Shoes - Size 5.5

Heads up! All vintage is on sale! ⚓
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