Sartorial Skimming • Part 1!

Sartorial Skimming • Part 1!

Every few weeks, I go through my closet and pull out items I don't really wear. Then I put them in a bag or a Rubbermaid bin and bring 'em downstairs. This is because I have a hard time letting things go. Occasionally I'll list a few items on Big Cartel, Instagram, eBay, etc. The end goal was to sell it all online and use that money to do something great. I spent a lot of money on these clothes (ya know?), and I figured I should at least try to get a little of it back. I decided the other day that selling these mostly-used-but-still-in-great-condition clothes online was too much of a hassle. Between measuring, shooting, figuring out which platform/s to use, invoicing, shipping, and who knows what else, I wouldn't be making any real profit, especially when you consider the amount of time it would take. Instead I decided to hit up Plato's Closet in Raritan. I went downstairs and gathered up all of my get-rid-of-us clothes, checked that there was nothing I still wanted to keep (spoiler: there was), let my sister take a few pieces, and finally loaded up the car. Frank and I went to Plato's Closet before our cheap date at Cracker Barrel. Bless his heart for accompanying me, let alone carrying all the clothes. ♥ The girl working there was super sweet, and the store was so big and full of clothes! I wanted to take a few photos and whatnot to really feature the store, but the girl was so quick in processing my clothes, I didn't even have time. She only ended up taking 7 pieces (out of those two bags and box in the photo above), which was kind of a bummer. The value was $20, though. I've been considering buying a pair of Sperry Top-Siders for a while, so when I found a pair for $30 I was stoked. New pair of shoes for ten bucks plus I got to unload some of my stuff? Excellent. I'm going to add more clothes to the pile and bring them to different stores like Plato's Closet over the next few weeks. This is just part one! ;)


  1. I'd be interested your moccasins.

  2. You're so lucky that the Plato's Closet near you is so efficient! The closest store to my place is about 35 minutes away, and every time I go they are so busy it takes them at least an hour to look through my clothes. Since selling them on instagram doesn't always work out and Plato's Closet is a waste of my time, I started sending my clothes in to this company called Twice. It's an online consignment shop based in San Francisco. You can print off a prepaid shipping label or they will send you a bag (free of charge, of course). You fill it with your awesome clothes, mail it back, and email you within 2 weeks with an offer. If you aren't happy with the offer, they will send the clothes back to you for $5 (which basically covers the shipping). I've made about $120 so far, not to mention all of the time I saved in gas/photographing the clothes/trips to the post office/etc.

    Sorry if this sounded like a marketing spiel, but I'm pretty excited that I found out about this company. haha.

    Also, you get $20 store credit for every person you refer, which is pretty sweet. Here's the link if you're interested :)

    1. Thanks for sharing, dude. I'll totally check it out. :)


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