Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Unfortunately, with work every weekend and shop stuff during the week, I haven't put together any sort of costume. I don't have anywhere to go, I just want to get dressed up for handing out candy. The trick-or-treaters usually don't start coming by til around 3PM, so I have time to throw something together. I was considering wearing this dress from the shop and calling myself Cher, but would kids these days even know who she is? Will they think I'm Katy Perry instead? Hahah! Maybe I'll be a Dia de los Muertos lady like I was last year, when Halloween got cancelled for Hurricane Sandy. :( In the spirit of the holiday, I'm having a scary movie marathon (and live tweeting it, so you can follow along on Twitter if you'd like. Finally, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Halloween-y posts from the last few years!

Get in the spirit with some spooky tunes from back when I used to do Music Monday: Roisin Murphy - "Ramalama (Bang Bang)", "The Skeleton Dance", Dead Man's Bones - "In The Room Where You Sleep", Disney - "Grim Grinning Ghosts", and Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "Monster Mash"!

Walt Disney World is really fun around Halloween (our trip to disney (in october).), as is your local farm (WEARING • A Preseason Trip to the Farm. and autumnal activities!)!

Need some costume inspiration? Try these: my personal favorite Halloween post, vintage halloween costume ideas. Or: film friday: "Hocus Pocus", halloween inspiration., How to Wear Vintage • Jackie O Halloween Costume.

Or you could just stay home with your deer skull (FOUND • Deer Skull.) and make Candy Corn S'mores! Have a happy and safe Halloween, friends!