My New Baby!

My New Baby.
My New Baby!

I've had a MacBook since April of 2008. My parents bought it for me as an early graduation gift when my last laptop died right before finals. She and I had a long run, but lately she's starting to quit on me. The hard drive is practically full, it's so slow, and cosmetically, she's a mess. A year ago (almost to the day), right before Hurricane Sandy hit, I was about to run to the Apple store to buy a new laptop, but I stayed home. Today I figured a year had passed; it was time. This is the first time I've ever bought a new computer when the old one wasn't completely dead, so now I technically have two laptops, which is weird. I've also been using my wireless keyboard with my iPhone so I can blog from bed while drinking coffee and watching "30 Rock" in the mornings. Lazy or inventive? Anyway, I'm excited to get to know this new MacBook. Feel free to leave any tips or tricks for me. :)


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