Let's Make Habits Week 8!

Week 8 (October 5) - Talk About Your Accomplishments
First of all, I want to thank Jenny for inspiring me to make habits (and congratulate her and her husband on their pregnancy! ♥). I'm proud to say that I accomplished my goal of blogging once every day. That said, I'm not too proud of my work. This challenge caused me to care more about quantity of blog posts over quality. It also caused a lot of stress. Some days, I would be freaking out around 10PM, trying to put together a post about anything, just to have a post go up. That's not what I want blogging to be. I want to enjoy it; I want to love it. If I wanted to have a "job," I would work in an office or retail store. My passion for blogging and selling vintage should make blogging and selling vintage a joy, not a struggle. I declare from here on out, that I will focus more on the quality of my posts. If that means I don't get to post once a day every day, so be it! Thanks for following me on this journey, and here's to better blogging in the future. :)


  1. It's been nice to follow you on your challenge though. :)


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