Saturday Links 2.

In case you need a swift dose of inspiration: 30 Badass Quotes From Powerful Women

Stumbled upon this shop via Instagram and I love it: The Little Shop of Jasmine

I need to see this documentary YESTERDAY: Only Nostalgia? As If: A New Documentary Analyzes the Teen-Movie Canon

Dead malls have always been fascinating to me: I Can't Stop Looking at This Dead Mall's Abandoned Food Court

Have you heard any of the "Game of Thrones" mixtape? So ludicrous but I can't help listening: Which Rapper Won the Game of Thrones Mixtape?

Someone shared this on Facebook and I think it's full of great advice: How to Deal With This Winter and Stop Binge Watching Netflix/Crying

Powerful article about the father of the Newtown shooter: The Reckoning

My sister sent this to me the other day and told me to substitute Michaels with Goodwill:10 Stages Of Owning A Shop On Etsy

The stuff of nightmares: 7 Unsolved Murder Mysteries To Keep You Up At Night

And finally, presented without comment: JAMES FRANCO IS MY BABY DADDY