greetings from walt disney world!

Yes, it's true. The day is finally upon us. Frank and I are in Disney World. Our flight was so early this morning, and of course I couldn't sleep last night from excitement, so I'm a little drained right now. We're both really excited to spend a whole week relaxing, eating delicious food, soaking up sunshine, and regressing to childhood. I scheduled posts for the week, so the blog won't be dead while I'm away. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (awildtonic) for other fun updates!

Before I go, I just had to share this video. My best friend posted this on my Facebook wall a few days ago saying, "This is just perfection, and this is in honor of your upcoming trip!" She knows me too well, doesn't she?

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  1. have an amazing time in disney! i am so jealous right now, i can't even tell you. make sure to ride space mountain for me! =)

  2. that video is just precious.... have a great time at Disneyworld! i would love to go someday too..!


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