guest post: "five favourites" from gillian at craftzilla conquers the world!

Today we have Gillian, from Craftzilla Conquers the World, sharing some of her favorite things with us. Thanks so much, Gillian! These are some of my favorites, too! :)

Hey everyone! This is Gillian from Craftzilla Conquers the World, stopping by the lovely Lauren’s blog to share with you some of my favourite things of the moment! I won’t lie, my thoughts of late are mostly of colder weather and ways to keep myself warm, so my five favourites right now definitely follow this theme!

Afghans and blankets –I’ve concluded I need more of these, since all I want to do is wrap myself up in blankets pretty much all the time. Love this one—might need to make one to use up yarn scraps AND keep warm at the same time!

I’m thinking about all kinds of hot drinks I want to drink –and that I need to make this hot chocolate with candy canes (and real whipped cream) on it again this year!

I’ve also been loving any and all sweaters I own that have hoods. Conclusion- more sweaters with hoods please!

I have a hat like this one in black—it might as well just get cold enough so I can wear it and be happy!

Warm and wintry cowls, I want to wear (and knit) you all!

Source: via ella on Pinterest

Thanks for having me as a guest Lauren, and I hope you all enjoyed my favourites! For more of this kind of thing as well as crafty projects and photos, stop on over to my blog. I’d also love if you paid me a visit in my shop, talked my ear off on Twitter or stopped by my Facebook page!

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